Are You Being Served?

True story: An eChalk marketing team member recently called a service provider’s support line and was told, “Your approximate wait time is 9 seconds.” Fantastic, right?

After 5 minutes on hold, a representative answered and began with “Your call is really important to us.” Huh.

Now in the grand scheme of things, 5 minutes isn’t horrible. But when set against the expectation of 9 seconds, perspective changes a bit. We get it – expectations do matter, whether they’re about quick turnaround time on a support ticket or thoughtful consideration of a feature request.

Service matters. Even in today’s plug-and-play culture, we know that K-12 technology systems need to be intuitive and well supported. Asking the right questions of your vendors up front will help you to set realistic expectations – and help you to assess if they’re living up to them.

Within this context, we invite you to ask questions of your service providers to find out if they can meet your expectations. Here are some questions you might consider asking your vendors:

  • Do you have a dedicated support line, staffed by live people?
  • Does your company assign client managers specifically to my school or will I have to reeducate ever person I talk to?
  • Can my teachers, students and parents also call for support? Will you help me field calls?
  • If I’m more of a self-service/DIY type, do you have help files and tutorials online? If so, any chance they are even slightly more interesting than watching paint dry?

Asking questions about support levels and expectations is a good exercise any time you’re assessing a new technology vendor. And, it only takes 9 seconds. Well, maybe a little longer. But your call really IS very important to us.

We’d love to hear your true stories – have any frustrating and/or stellar experiences with vendor support lines, recently?

Team eChalk

Next Up: Common Core Connections (and other alluring alliterations).

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