A Cure-all for Technology Sprawl?

Technology Sprawl Wordle

Recently we heard a client talk about Technology Sprawl when explaining how schools increasingly struggle to manage the many, many technology systems they’ve implemented over the past several years. This includes locally hosted systems, cloud-based systems, personal computing devices, and classroom technologies. In short – it can get messy.

Luckily, a lot of people in edtech are out there trying to make it un-messy. The Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) Association is one example of educators encouraging the edtech vendor community to work more closely together. And a lot of companies, including eChalk and several competitors, offer single sign-on options so that teachers and students can log into one system and then access several others. Makes sense, right? We think so too.

We’ll explore more about managing technology sprawl – in particular, how to turn that sprawl into Personalized Learning. It’s possible. It’s happening.

What’s your school’s experience with technology sprawl? Have any favorite anecdotes?

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